01 April 2014

Sneak peek #27

Something new...

17 March 2014

Sneak peek #26

Hi there! 
It's all been rather quiet around here for the past weeks, but rest assured, the work at Zbengui lab never stops. For now, we offer you a quick glance, a Sneak Preview. Stay tuned, more details coming soon.

14 February 2014

chapter 3 part II

Although we never would have thought we might release a new installment on February 14th - seeing as to how there hasn't been a lot of romance going on in the world of our characters - it looks like we have an unexpected first!

So, we're happy to announce a massive new update. Hope you enjoy part II of chapter 3 in all its 50 panels glory.

Do enjoy!

11 February 2014

Coming soon... REAL SOON!

Chapter 3, part 2 is nearing completion!

We're busy adding the finishing touches, so look out for our updates on Facebook.