24 June 2014

ComicsFest 2014

Yep, it's that time of the year and Zbeng & Zbantui are gonna be there at ComicsFest 2014 (Bucharest, 3 Doamnei  St., Saint Ink Gallery). Now, as a bonus, this year Ralu has decided to hold a workshop. Check out the poster:

The workshop is called 'When lines spring into action' and it focuses on creating dynamic movements and postures from just a few well-placed lines. The workshop is scheduled for 2 p.m., June 28 (Saturday), at Saint Ink Gallery. See you there!

13 June 2014

Street Delivery 2014 - here we come!

It's that time of the year and we have to take our formidable cat duo - Zbeng and Zbantui - for a stroll. Where? Why, to Street Delivery Bucharest, of course. 

Come see us on Arthur Verona Street, between 13th-15th June. We'll be waiting!

21 May 2014

Bits and pieces of news

Hey there!

One way to sum up the East European Comic Con: lots of hustle and bustle, yes, but I really enjoyed interacting with people. Nevertheless, I now feel like I really need to take a break. A working break, that is. I really miss doing some traditional graphic work/painting. I miss the simple pleasures of sharpening your pencils, the scent of wood, my ink and pens, creating an immaculate work and getting ink stains all over my fingers. I long for these palpable little things.

I'm also working on a script with Diana. And as for Zbeng & Zbantui, we got a Shop page up and running. For the time being, you can place your orders online solely for the graphic novel. But the offer is bound to get more generous. Volume 1 of Zbeng & Zbantui contains the first three chapters of the story, including the last installment of chapter 3 - that's 80 brand new panels - unpublished so far online. Actually, said 80 panels will only be posted online once I've started working on volume 2.

To place your order, fill out the form and choose your shipment method. We'll then send you a confirmation e-mail in which we'll give you more details about the payment method.

Finally, it's quite likely we'll go to at least two more events in the near future. We'll be back with some more details soon.

= Ralu =

15 May 2014

East European Comic Con 2014 - thoughts

EECC 2014 is over so here are some thoughts about the event.

This year's venue of choice - three spacious halls at Romexpo - has solved the issue of the constantly bottlenecked routes of the first edition. A much needed breathing space for both exhibitors and visitors had been restored. The event also grew in scope, with both more special guests and a more lively gaming section. 

Something went amiss with regards press coverage. For some reason, only a few reporters showed up, and those who did were more interested in promoting specific exhibitors, rather than reviewing the event as a whole. 

But let's not dwell on that. 2014 will always have a special significance for us, since it's the year in which volume 1 of Zbeng & Zbantui - the graphic novel got released. We'd like to thank those who supported us  and especially those who made it all happen. We never expected the book to sell so well during its debut and we're chuffed about the positive feedback we got. Tomorrow we'll get some more printed for those of you interested in ordering it online. 

It was great so many of you stopped by our stand to ask us about the story and characters, flip through our book or smile at the sight of some of our new posters. We ran out of some of the new posters rather early, so we do apologize to those who couldn't get what they wanted. Glad your demand made our stocks run dry.