24 October 2014


Hello!  I thought to share some short impressions regarding the International Exhibition of Comics, Constanta, XXIV SIBD’s edition who took place at the Museum of Art.

I was content to meet again BD artists and  also to meet new artists.
A lot of people, of all ages.
They also came at my stand where I brought an assortment of the mark Zbeng si Zbantui.
I signed many albums and I enjoyed positive feedback from people who saw the book.

In the programme of the salon, I’ve participated at the round masses with topical interest’s subjects with BD at feminine, with the attractive Swedish artists Joanna Hellgren and Sara Olausson.

During all the route of these two days, of this event, the atmosphere was very pleasant.

Sara Olausson, Joanna Hellgren, Arina Stoenescu, =^..^=, Adrian Cioroianu

=^..^=, Dodo Nita, Adrian Cioroianu

13 October 2014

International Exhibition of Comic Strip Art , edition 24rd , at the Art Museum of Constanta

Greetings! Zbeng&Zbantui will soon participate at The International Exhibition of Comic Strip Art , edition 24rd , at the Art Museum of Constanta -  Octomber 17, 18, 19 - 2014 .

details on :

 I know it was quiet around here, but I embrace a big project that took a big part of my time.Even if I was so busy, I did miss working on traditional graphics. I still do, just took " a breath of fresh air" to regain my straight back.
There will be changes, it will be a minus and a plus in the Laboratory of Zbengui , I will come back with an article regarding this theme .

24 June 2014

ComicsFest 2014

Yep, it's that time of the year and Zbeng & Zbantui are gonna be there at ComicsFest 2014 (Bucharest, 3 Doamnei  St., Saint Ink Gallery). Now, as a bonus, this year Ralu has decided to hold a workshop. Check out the poster:

The workshop is called 'When lines spring into action' and it focuses on creating dynamic movements and postures from just a few well-placed lines. The workshop is scheduled for 2 p.m., June 28 (Saturday), at Saint Ink Gallery. See you there!

13 June 2014

Street Delivery 2014 - here we come!

It's that time of the year and we have to take our formidable cat duo - Zbeng and Zbantui - for a stroll. Where? Why, to Street Delivery Bucharest, of course. 

Come see us on Arthur Verona Street, between 13th-15th June. We'll be waiting!