07 April 2015

Some impressions

Hello there,

I've just returned from International Festival of Comics from Sibiu organized by Friendship Association Ille et Vilaine-Sibiu (ASPIVS) and Solidarite 35 Roumanie Association and now i decided to put here some impressions:
Once i arrived in Sibiu i had the impression that almost all the houses were "watching" me,that feeling was funny.

At the festival were many exhibitions, conferences, activities and of course a lot of comics matches played by two teams formed by comics authors.Each one resist drawing over, beside drawing the other team.

I've presented some drawings from the graphic novel Zbeng & Zbantui and also some sketches.The figurines witch appeared for the first time, gathered a lot of smiles. As usual I got a lot of positive feedbacks.The atmosphere and all the people who visited the exhibition stand were great! I am excited and motivated to continue volume II.

And not least i have to mention that at the graphic novel Zbeng & Zbantui works one person ,that will be me. I've had a little help (adaptor and text translator) Diana Sabău but from one year is no longer part of this project, but thank for collaboration, goodbye!

Now Zbeng & Zbantui is preparing for the next event. I'll announce soon when!



17 March 2015

Hello !

Zbeng&Zbântui wants to announce you that a new going out is at International Festival of Comics from Sibiu on 3, 4, 5, of April 2015!

...After i stayed in "hibernation" as it seemed, actually in all this time i wrote and rewrite Volume 2 of " Zbeng&Zbântui"
At this time is in the phase of drawing.But about this i'll talk more in the next articles.

Now in the laboratory Zbengui I baked an idea that I wanted to become palpable and...here it is!

With this figurines , the album and other surprises we'll meet at International Festival of Comics from Sibiu! =^..^=


24 December 2014

24 October 2014


Hello!  I thought to share some short impressions regarding the International Exhibition of Comics, Constanta, XXIV SIBD’s edition who took place at the Museum of Art.

I was content to meet again BD artists and  also to meet new artists.
A lot of people, of all ages.
They also came at my stand where I brought an assortment of the mark Zbeng si Zbantui.
I signed many albums and I enjoyed positive feedback from people who saw the book.

In the programme of the salon, I’ve participated at the round masses with topical interest’s subjects with BD at feminine, with the attractive Swedish artists Joanna Hellgren and Sara Olausson.

During all the route of these two days, of this event, the atmosphere was very pleasant.